Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Another small 4×4″ done! This cutie was completed today with the addition of gold confetti stars. They just seemed to complete the missing element from this pizazzy piece. I used: ~~~ acrylic paints, primsacolor colored pencils, micron pens, gel gens, glitter glue, stickers, rubber stamps, rub ons, collage papers,  confetti, and creative energy! I also used some rhinestones, and fingernail art stickers. I think she turned out just spooky enough! She was still wet as you can tell from the upper right hand corner. But when she’s dry she’ll look purr-fect! Next up on the easel is orange/pink smeared together with fingers…and awesome pigtails! How fun is that? What’s on your easel? And what do you keep on your desk to inspire you? Next week I’ll host a contest on just what painting I’ve done is on my desk inspiring me! Any idea!? If you post now and ask I’ll give a yay or nay, next week I’ll have to keep quiet though.

One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Tsmmy, you continue to amaze me with your gals. I, too, love Halloween and this little lady is just wonderful!


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