Oh the Bling!

I fell in love… or possibly lust with some of these awesome embellishments I went down an aisle in Fred Meyer that I had not yet discovered. It was ONLY one isle over from where I go every week so you can imagine the tingles I got …. I knew I couldn’t buy them last week as our budget would have gone over too much. But I did my best to fit them into this weeks budget and would have met the budget if I hadn’t bought them. BUT!… I did get them cheaper them for what I’ve seen them for online…minus the shipping and handling so I’m super ecstatic. They have a ton of different kinds of these that I will be sorting through on my weekly trips to consider how I’ll fit them into my art. As for today…. I’m in love.

I have finished a mini painting but my camera battery died on our shopping outing. I’ve been photographing the changes in the leaves along the parkway and they are turning very quickly all of a sudden so I’ll need to get my photo’s taken next week as I was going to make a banner type montage to share with you… the colors of fall sneak up on us and warm us up as the weather cools.

Tomorrow is already Friday! We had a short week here as Monday was a mandatory furlough day for Washington State Employees. No work… and no pay. Maybe if the state legislature would cut some of their entitlements we wouldn’t have to force hundreds of people to lose a day of pay and they’d be able to pay their mortgages… along with the furloughs are increasing prices in health insurance that cuts even more from our check monthly. Depending on the department you work in mandates how many furlough days you are required to take. My hubs has to take 2 a year which is a lot easier than most employees have it. But they looked ahead and started budget cuts when they heard it was coming up.  Oh the politics of it all …

I’ll be back here tomorrow with a charge camera battery and a mini painting that will be ready for a frame. I hope you drop back by and give a shout out. I think I’ll have to start rewarding for comments. Hmmm… =)~

3 thoughts on “Oh the Bling!

  1. Do you have a Micheals where you live? I signed up and get their emails every now and then which usually includes a 40% off coupon. They carry Martha Stewart and I tend to buy her stuff with the coupons. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip Leila, I’ll definitly be hitting up Michaels.com for some coupons! We have a Michaels on the other side of town… Oh how I LOVE that store. And JoAnns is only about 5 mins away so I’m a frequent flyer their too. =)

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