Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

I’m pretty much finished with my Madame Butterfly painting now. I have a few tiny touch-ups to complete but I’m happy with the results of this chicklette. I used mini brads and felt flowers to top off the painting to give it more of a 2D look. I also went crazy with my Martha Stewart glitters and mini glass beads. I love adding interesting textures to the surfaces of my paintings. When I sketched this out I knew her dress was going to be a yellow “flower.”  I got the idea for her belt after I had applied the dress.I think it really adds a lot. She’s now ready for Project Runway!

Election day is finally over and TV and phone calls are safe once again. No more blind phone calls from candidates and no more mud slinging commercials… at least for a while. Enjoy the peace and quite while you can as the 2012 presidential election process begins in January. There will be more pollution for our eyes and ears soon enough.

It’s time again for Whispering Wednesday so here we go!

  • My favorite game is Scrabble
  • I became a published poet at the tender age of 14
  •  My first “official” job was in a library at the age of 15
  • I’m fascinated by medieval times
  • I LVE the smell of lavender

10 thoughts on “Madame Butterfly

  1. Love your sweet blog! A girl after my own heart, I am an avid scrabbler for 40 years, hence my blog name happytiler…love those tiles. Do you scrabble at Word biz? Easy games at your own level! I too have been writing poetry since I was a a youngster! Thanks for sharing! Madame butterfly is beautiful as are your other girls!

  2. She is beautiful. I love everything about her. I always love how you mix embellishments in with your painting. I find it so inspiring.

    I love Scrabble too. I love it so much that I almost bought an iPad just because I saw the Scrabble app.

  3. I’ve been a scrabble player forever and have never fond anyone that could beat me. … that until my son turned 20. He can smear me in scrabble now. He is aspiring to be a journalist so his vocabulary is outstanding! I worked in a library when I was his age but he’s outdone me with words. I’m truly proud of that. But I think I need to bone up on my word skills to win him at scrabble. =)

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