More Works in Progress


If you come here on a regular basis you may recognize these paintings. However… they have each had some of Alice’s Drink Me Potion! These are tiny. They are 1¼ squares. I’ve been playing with my printer and making teeny art. Now I have to decide if I’m going to make them pins or magnets. I’m leaning toward pins. What do you think?  Sadly while I was printing some other things today I got a pop up from my printer telling me that it appears to have a drinking problem… and wouldn’t you know it. It’s “poison” of choice is the most expensive liquid on the planet. Yes, it’s getting close to time to order printer ink. Sigh. Now I have my printer asking for a Christmas present. Sorry bubba, you’ll have to wait till after the new year. I’ve got “real” people to give to first!

I have been honored by being mentioned on someone else’s blog. Please check out Four Days a Week and today’s Monday Musings.

It’s a delight when you make connections with other bloggers online and you link each other. It’s a great way to share new things with others and it’s wonderful making online connections and friends. It’s also a great way to grow your online network and help someone else grow theirs.

My desk is a disaster area today. I’ve been cutting and trimming and pasting and varnishing! It’s now time to go and clean the mess up so I have a clean area to destroy again! Stop by again tomorrow for Tuesday’s Toys and maybe a doodle or two. I have a few paintings sitting hear waiting for attention but I think they are at the bottom of Mess Mountain! Time to pull on my hiking boots and hit the pile!

2 thoughts on “More Works in Progress

  1. Tammy,

    Thanks so much. I ❤ the Inspiration Line you created. And so true about it being a joyous delight to meet new people and bloggers online. Have a wonderful day creating. Love your creative burst and the many great creations you have in your studio at Etsy.

    Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your blog readers.


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