Bubble Juggler ~ Work in Progress

Not the clearest of pictures…but then again…not the best of digital cameras. Close ups are super hard with my camera. You might be able to see what I’ve done.. if not, here’s a run down so far. I used punched circles in three sized cut from a page from a novel. I did it simply for the texture so you could use any type of paper I guess. I then applied gesso around the girl and used a baby wipe with purple pansy paint on it and started “blobbing” paint on until I was satisfied. FUN! Next I used a bottle cap with the rim of painted with black paint… right now I’m in search of the perfect dress fabric/paper. I want red. But I can’t find the perfect red …yet… I’ll be digging through my junk mail to find it I think. And I want it glossy. I also used a texture paste to stamp little circles around the painting so that when I add layers you’ll see them “pop.”

Today was grocery day and I found a recipe I really want to try here. So I bought all the ingredients that I didn’t have. OMG you have to check it out.. it sounds SO GOOD! (and super simple!) Toss in some garlic bread and be the hero of the day!  I will be using more recipes from this site as I can’t help but l♥ve the name. What a coincidence huh!? =)

Tonight however, I bought a precooked carton of fried chicken and will make a quicky batch of *mashed potatoes and call it good. As you know… I don’t cook on grocery shopping day. I found nothing I wanted to buy today in the art supply area. I was hoping to find the red paper for my Bubble Juggler’s dress and headband but nothing spoke to me. So the search will continue in the papers that I already have or maybe I’ll create something really unusual myself.

Tonight is the new Royal Pains which is a program my hubs and I enjoy so we’ll be playing angry birds and watching tv while he eats boysenberry pie I bought at the store for dessert. Last night I whipped up a batch of cooked chocolate pudding for the guys and remain a hero! Feed em well and give em laughs and they’ll most likely love ya. If not.. serve em raw food! Hee!


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