Turning Over a New Leaf

Thank God for his renewal each year!

I will miss this weekly drive to the grocery store as it’s a lakeside drive and I really enjoy nature and used to spend my summers hiking

This picture stuck me in a way most haven’t recently. It begins from the bottom all scraggly and somewhat bare of with a lack of direction. Then all of a sudden there are bursts of leaves indicating life and joy and newness. Such is life as we grow, we leave school and have no direction and slowly but surely we begin to branch out and show our true colors of gorgeous individuality.

I wanted to share these spring pictures with you as when I just graduated when I was much younger I wanted to be a photographer but I lacked confidence and direction. I chased rainbows each time they crossed my path. And they crossed my path in many forms.

Today I am happy to say I’ve got my rainbow in my pocket and value what I’ve learned and gone through even though it was indeed the school of hard knocks. After I got my Masters Degree from there I went on to a community college and got a different kind of education. Honestly I’m not sure which I value more. I learned so many life lessons from my first degree… and then I learned applicable skill for the work environment from the second. Now I’m moving across town to create a nest and once that’s done I’ll be schooling myself in yet another way that only God knows at this time.

Tomorrow I will share an absolutely gorgeous plate I bought off the Easter discount table at Fred Meyers today. It’s PINK, and green, and black with white… They only had one left so I took it to heart that God was saving it for me… I got it for $2.00… perfect for candles in my new bedroom or studio!

Can you tell how excited I’m getting?!

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