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I have a TON to share but my camera cable is buried at the bottom of my purse… which I’ll uncover tonight. I just wanted to pop in and say… WOW! I never knew I had this much stuff! I’m still unpacking… the garage is beginning to pile up with empty… YES.. EMPTY… boxes. I already started a donation box for the next time ARC of Washington calls me. I can’t believe I used this much stuff in the other place as it was SO much smaller.

Regardless, We’re moving forward. We’ve already recieved several  house warming presents that I’ll be sharing with you later this week once I unearth my cables! What an adventure we’re on. We went over to the old house last night to clean and were there for over 2 hours cleaning what I had already cleaned before moving. Amazing how things get dirty so fast. On the way home we started chatting and without knowing it we missed our exit and had gone over 4 miles past our new home. Luckily we ended up in an old neighborhood I was familiar with from my youthful days of “cruising” and I navigated us home quickly. We had a good laugh over it though. Today I’m sore and tired but I’ve spent the better part of today unpacking my studio and planting a few outdoor blooms for summertime enjoyment. More to come soon with pictures!

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