The Evolutions of an Art Studio

A bit of progress underway. I’m not happy with the black drawers on the desk but I use them often so I’ll have to find a place close by that is handy and attractive. You can sure see the mess that I’m unpacking and making in the process. I’m getting excited about hanging things on the walls and need to remember the name of an adhesive I’ve seen advertised on TV. It’s supposed to stick to everything and be easily removable at the same time! If anyone knows what this stuff is called please leave a comment.

The blinds WILL go and be replaced by white sheers that will remain open 95% of the time!

I’ve discovered during the packing and moving process that I have lots of things I don’t need and truly don’t use. I “thought” I needed them or would use them but as I begin to unpack I’m realizing that there are things in boxes that can stay there and I won’t miss them at all. Thankfully I can donate them and I have the extra boxes to do just that! I’ll be able to downsize and streamline our life and give to others who need it. It will give us more space for things we would like to have and help us purge some of the not so welcome memories from the past.

Unpacking is like taking a trip down memory lane. Some of the things I find are true treasures that mean the world to me. A gift from the past, maybe my birthday, maybe Christmas. A card, letter, or photo that touched me so much that I tucked it in my journal. A piece of art I won in a drawing… which by the way I’ll blog with photos later… I have two I wish to share with you. =) I had a frame that fit one perfectly, the next will be framed as soon as I find a frame that fits it and it will go in the living room as the colors are perfect!  Some of my new glassware I bought for the living room got broken. But I’m letting that go and moving on… I still have more pieces than I’ll need… and plan to use them on the dining room table as soon as we can buy one! =) Craiglist? Maybe!

Soon I’ll have this room looking like the creative paradise I have pictured in my head and I can move on to the bedroom of paisley and pink that I have envisioned. I bought myself an Enzo mattress but I notice it sleeps HOT… it was the top of the line for a double sized bed and I purposely placed the bed under the window so I could get the cool air at night coming in… but the heat still wakes me up. If anyone has any solutions for this please let me know… I’m using Egyptian Cotton Sheets (400 ct) so the sheets do help keep me a bit more cool… but the Enzo mattress is pretty warm.  Suggestions extremely welcome!

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