Happy Housewarming!

Cutest Bike Ever!

Thanks to Michael for this awesome and inspiring garden bike! I couldn’t believe my eyes when he and Ben took it from the back of the truck on Sunday. I filled it the very next day with loads of flowers! It’s earned a prestigeous place of sitting under the round window in our entry way and warms me with smiles each time I look at it. It’s truly “me.” He really nailed it with this “planter.”

The house is coming together nicely and things are slowly finding their permanent home. My goal is to empty the boxes to the best of my ability and find the best homes for each item and move what doesn’t work. The garage is a disaster area filled with leftover things I haven’t found a home for yet… and am considering donating. There is also a plethora of crumpled up newspaper and bails of boxes! There will plenty of cleaning to be done once this process begins to wind down. I figure by the end of May I’ll be able to break down as many boxes as possible and have about half a dozen filled with items to donate! It’s amazing how much “stuff” one can accumulate!

My studio is coming along awesomely and I’ll be able to hang some art on the walls fairly soon. I’ll take some snapshots today after my camera battery has recharge…(along with my energy level!)

We will be heading out to a new grocery store today so our first neighborhood shopping trip with be the adventure of the day! I’ll have LOTS more to share with you tomorrow… Tomorrow we also get our washer/dryer set delivered. (USED!) Since they are behind closed doors they don’t have too look as pretty as our new fridge!

More to come soon…I promise… and I framed out an illustration I made last year in a frame that was gifted to me last year and I’m eager to share that with you all as well!

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