One Wall Closer!

Although the art is not yet hung on the wall I do have a bit more accomplished. Some of these books will be moved when we get some living room bookshelves. For now they will reside with me in the art studio. I’m so happy to report that ALL but one of the boxes for my studio are unpacked! There’s still a bit of disarray but considering our first boxed came through the door a week ago today I think I’ve done VERY well. I’ve recharged my camera’s battery and attempted to recharge mine… I’ll be taking snapshots for you over the weekend to show you the progress that we’ve made. It’s quite remarkable really how much we’ve gotten done. But after all the waiting we had to endure you know how over-the-moon we were to get in and get started on living in a home and not a “unit.”
We will be doing a lot of shopping this weekend on needs. From blinds and sheers to doormats and light bulbs. I’ve been making extensive lists and am going to say ado for today and get back to adding to those lists before I forget what I’ve been thinking about all day!
I promise more tomorrow and within a week or so I’ll have all my paints in hand and will be working on a new creation! Happy TGIF!

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