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  A Whole New World

Things are coming along wonderfully. Here’s a quick view from the kitchen sink area of the living room. The TV will eventually be hanging over the hole in the wall and I’ll move the shells to some shelves we hope to buy in the future. The coffee table is going to be history. I’ve very large, hard to clean and we have grown tired of it. We’ll either sell it or us it as an outdoor table as it is glass and metal.

Saturday I vacuumed the hole house and the carpet cleans up very nicely. I had my hubs drag the massively heavy Kirby up the stairs for me and got the whole job done in about 35 minutes. I went over it very throughly as it was the first time we’ve vacuumed since moving in. It’ll probably be a once a week job. Thankfully we have tiles in the entry and down the short hall so the dirt doesn’t hit the living room… and we don’t have the HUGE PINE tree shedding needles all over Timbuktu in this driveway as we did in the last place. Thank you God!

We made several trips out a mile down the road to Home Depot and Walmart and got some of the things we needed. I grabbed a bird feeder and a shepherds hook for the back yard but so far the birds haven’t found it. We spent all of the housewarming money that my parents gifted us and had a blast doing it. I wanted a curved shower curtain in the bathroom but after getting it home and attempting to put it up…it consumes to much of the small room so it’s going back and something else will get crossed off our “needs” list instead.

I unpacked what I think is the last box for my art studio. I still have a bookcase in the garage that will need to come up the stairs and be put into place but my knees have swollen to twice their size so I’m taking things very slow and seeing my doctor this afternoon. I’m in quite a bit of pain so I’m hoping he has a fast fix for me. I’m hoping like crazy this isn’t early onset arthritis. Not in my knees!!! My hands hurt like mad too but I think that might be carpel tunnel and I can do exercises for that. Oh well… enough complaining for now. Hopefully the Dr will tell me to stay off my feet for a few days and I can take a break from unpacking and do a much needed bit of creating. =) I’ll letcha know!

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