A Brand New Morning…

  From the Studio Window
Here’s glimpse of the view from my studio. The trees are beginning to burst forth their summer foliage so the feather like touches of green are especially pretty right now. I had my desk all cleaned of yesterday but ended up unpacking the last two boxes and messing up what was once clean! I’m going to spend the rest of the morning finishing the desk cleaning process and then I’m going to pull out a wooden panel and start a painting for someone special I ran across online. I’ll share more of that as I get deeper into it but it feels good to have an artist goal set to my my creative mojo back on!

While unpacking some of my art drawers I found one of my favorite little “toys” to share with you today for 2sdays Toys. I was a huge Brady Bunch fan growing up, I wanted to be Marsha and I was in love with Peter. This little book I received from one of the people who know me the best knew I was get a kick out of it. So without further ado, here’s another tiny book from my mini library.

2sdays Toys

Come back tomorrow for some Whispering Wednesday secrets and to check on my unpacking process. And for those of you tuned in yesterday, the Dr. fixed me up with some Diclofenac for my knees and said I should be feeling much better tomorrow, until then I’m taking it slow and as for my hands… heat has done wonders for them so I’m going to “nuke” some fingerless gloves and wear them around while I do my housework.

Until tomorrow!

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