A look at my retreat

Here’s a picture of my room shortly after moving in…. and below is how it looks today…

I’m still working on it but I feel so good about getting my shadow boxes repainted and hung. My dad made them for me many moons ago for another house… they served as window treatments in a huge store-front style window. After a few coats of satin white they gleam again and look fresh as a daisy and ready for art and nik naks to display.  My nightstands are perfect for this room so I was really happy to have the added white furniture as I’m using such strong colors that anything else might overwhelm. On my night stand on the left of the picture I have a small-yet-growing collection of crosses that I plan to hang over my closet doors. I have some of my art popped on the shelves of the shadow boxes and a few reading lamps clipped to my headboard. I’ll be swapping them out when I find what I’m after… everything I’ve found so far is to bright and the bulbs for the lamps don’t come in 20w…. so my search continues. I have one of my bibles on the left with a notebook, and on the right I have my Kindle and a book that’s on my list to read. The photos are of my parents and my favorite kiddo.

I’m going to Walmart today to see if I can find some sheers for my headboard backdrop… and to find a frame for a poster of the Eiffel Tower my mom bought me… I’m also going to be looking for something to hang a very long shelf with. So I’m excited to venture out today (and sneak down the art aisle!)  I’ll share the shelf and art poster after I get that area started… right now it’s just a blank wall. Let me know what you think and if you have any creative juice ideas please share! I’m always open to suggestion!

My whisper for today is simple…

  • I’m reading my bible more and more lately. 

Until tomorrow… when I have some art to share… God Bless and take care!

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