How Things Come Together….

This shelf was in our last bathroom… back in the day (3 months ago) when we all shared the same bath.) I painted it with three coats of semi gloss and it looks stunning and ready for decorations. I placed a tiny candle on it that will soon be replaced with …

The tall one in the middle. I think it will make the perfect focal point for the shelf along with a few seashells and such. I’ll use the glass tiled “vase” for cut greens from the front hedges. The bathroom will have a bit of life and with the skylight the greens will fit right in and it will give it that finished look for the room. I’ll include a finished photo when I’ve completed this little project. I’m just glad I found a place to hang my first “flower” painting. I’m starting to fall in love with the green/blue swimming colors that combine so well when wet. They blend so well and look so scrumptious that it’s hard to stop working with them.

Last night after dinner I went outside to the back yard with a hoe and started in… I did the entire length of the back yard +! I only have a small section to go. I’m ready to plant! OMG… you have no idea how much work that really was… how every muscle ached and how the sweat was dripping from my brow. It was SO WORTH it! I’m very excited about getting roots in the ground from various plants. I have two that will be ready this weekend…I’m not sure I can move today. Heh!

Later today it’s a trip to Fred Meyer to spend the last of my points on curtains and then I’m done until it’s time to hang the shelf … much like the bathroom shelf I painted, but much longer… in my bedroom. Things are coming together very nicely and I’m thrilled to share the journey.

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