Rainy Days and Mondays

Basket of Paintings
Here’s a tiny spot in my studio where I put little art objects… I have a card with a backpack strung from it given to me by my mom… there are two of my paintings and two cards I made recently… also I have a Kelly Rae Roberts magnet that was given to me as well. They all rest on some leaves I pressed… after picking them up from the yard after a wind storm about a month and a half ago. Time is truly spinning by so fast since we’ve moved. I can’t believe it’s nearly August already! Slow…d.o.w.n! I need time to breathe.  

I have so many projects going today… I’m working on another Spam can, and some more of the TP treasure pieces and trying to get some semblance of order on my desk. It’s a huge mess today. So much so that I had to stop everything I was doing to put some things away so I could “think.”  Thankfully I don’t have heat clouding my thinking like yesterday… it’s much cooler today! Just the way I like it. I hope this weather holds for a while so I can get some more work done in the yard. I’ll share a few photos of that project soon. For now I’m off to finish my upcycle project and try to get some Etsy write-ups done so I can post tomorrow. =) Until tomorrow… Keep Kreating!

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