Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

I bought this skull tissue paper about two years ago and have only had the opportunity to use it once before. I actually hadn’t planned on going with day of the dead with this but that’s the direction it took… I had a goth idea in mind but flowers started sprouting in eye sockets before I knew what was happening… Wow… I hope my garden does that well next spring after I plant! =)

You can’t tell in the light but the rim is painted with a metallic green paint… aka ~ Nail polish. Since I’ve been doing art all my nails have become ‘tools’ rather than accessories… so I figured why not use the beauty supplies in my mixed media. It adds a nice bit of punch to things… and it comes in SO many colors! Nom!

I’m going to be working on some earrings for a special order this week and have been digging through my jewelry findings and other odds and oddities for ideas. It’s always fun to create something from a request. It breaks down a few creative walls and makes me look at things differently.  I’ll photograph the process and share as I go. I’m also working on a few ATCs and some other yummy art. I started my first BIG canvases too… that’s going to be interesting.. and messy! I think I’m going to need a bigger table top easel… and a lot of drop cloths!

Today’s Whispering Wednesday already so here’s a few sweet nothings about me. =)

  • Every Wednesday~ (Hump Day) my hubs and I race to remember what day it is and we do a firsties email with the picture of a camel.. (for the humps!)  I’m ahead by about 97%
  • I’ve named the downstairs bathroom “The Flower Potty” as I’m decorating it like a garden shed.
  • I’m on a cooking dry-spell… I can’t seem to come up with any novel ideas lately. (and ideas!?)

See you tomorrow with some ATCs and the first steps in my earring project! Have a great evening and let me know what’s for dinner!

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