They Will be Done

♥ By His Stripes ♥

I have a small collection of crosses on one of my nightstands that is starting to outgrow it’s display surface so I’ll be moving them to hang above my closet door soon… but I wanted to share with you what I have so far before they are up too far to photograph.  There are a few still missing that haven’t been unpacked from a few straggling boxes but this gives you an idea of what I have. There are three rosaries in the glass vase that I will find a way to creatively display either from a set of hooks or draped on the way in one way or another. The small floral cross with the dangling heart ‘was’ a key-chain but the ring broke off. (sad face!)  The cross made from railroad nails used to be on our dogs collar years ago… the other crosses were all gifts except for the cross with the black X on it… which I found at the dollar store and will likely dress up before hanging.  Some of my rosaries aren’t out either, they are still in a box and scattered about.. but these were the ones I had handy when setting up this nightstand.

I imported the photo into Photoshop and added some extra zing to it to make it more fun to look at. I think the butterflies are a good fit since they symbolize a new life. … and that is after all what Christ gave us. Thank you Jesus.

It’s hot again today so the AC is on downstairs, we made an early morning trip to the grocery and my hubs got part of the day off so he’s relaxing in the cool of his man cave room and watching some TV. Dinner tonight will be tuna sammies and potato salad to keep things cool… with lots of iced tea to wash it down. Stay cool if the sun’s blazing in your part of the world and if not… grab a Snuggie!

See you tomorrow with some ATCs. My scanners on strike today or I would have shared them. Unions! Hee. =)

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