Laguna Ice Poppies

Laguna Ice Poppies

Here’s the ACEO of the day. This is done with illustration board, paints, papers, tissues, texture medium, silver tinsel glitter, gesso and a glass of cold iced tea (for the creator!) I absolutely love this one! The colors just speak to me. I’m taking this to a bigger level today too. I grabbed a big flat canvas I’ve had for …ever… and started in. I’ll photograph as I go.. it’s drying right now… see!

This is 16″ x 12″ and it’s going to be a very beautiful mess while I create… I have had blues and greens and yellows on my hands for the past few days… it’s gotten down into the beds of my fingernails…yep, I DO fingerpaint! Sometimes the fingers are the best blender brushes  you’ll ever find. And their always on hand! See what I did there? That would earn a much deserved groan in my house. But they’re used to me and actually wait for comments like that now. They know I’m out of sorts if I don’t make an odd comment now and again…. and again, and again.

I doubt this will be framed as it’s somewhat of a shabby chic style so I’ll likely drill holes and use fibers to hang it. I’ll probably put some fringe around the bottom too. I just love the textures of fibers, ribbons, stings and jutes, and yum! I think you know what I mean.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week has arrived!

  • I’m taking a nap for lunch today. I was up REALLY late due to some ‘kids’ in the back area parking lot causing a ruckus.
  • My anxiety has been reeling it’s ugly head the past few weeks. I hope it’s not a sign of more to come.

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