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I did this last night when tending to dinner… and on into after eating. I got the idea from an entry on Grid Journaling I read. I’m extremely intrigued with the tiny houses I was reading about earlier this week and found this one Here’s a blog that you can read that shows some of the amazing way people some people are living. It’s amazing how they are living like sardines and loving it. If I were single it might be something I’d consider. It would essentially be me living in my studio however… I do that already… hee! But I don’t sleep with my paints.

This entry is the first in my new journal and it was FUN! I didn’t realize how much I missed my “sitting on the couch” relaxation and letting my pens and pencils play. I bet you’re wondering what that burst of color is in the upper right hand corner of the photo is… it really pops out from the graphite and white paper… so here a spoiler on my newest painting.

YUM! Lots of texture and color and bursts of energy! This is incredibly liberating to just not really plan what I’m doing next. I have a vague idea and a color scheme and that’s it… plus I get to use my new easel. I’ve added a bit more since this photo but I’m also playing with up-cycling some restaurant coasters that I’ve been saving between coats of drying paint! I’ll share those when there’s more to see.. right now I only have paint on one. But they also have a garden theme.

Today’s grocery day… so I’ll be getting ready to head out soon but I had to stop for Cup of Soup so I don’t have an empty tummy when I shop… When I do… EVERYTHING looks far too good. Nom Nom!

Well, that’s it for now, come back tomorrow to see what miracles God is working on my canvases. See you then!


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  1. I love both your new creations. I really love your journal entry. It’s so pretty. I am one of the girls who are doing the tiny house movement. It’s so liberating and free. I still have a nice art studio too. I love it.

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