Cool, Casual, Coasters!


Sipping into the end of summer soon! Enjoy your nom nom and rest them on these chillin’ coasters when between savoring sips. What a fun way to upcycle those treasured tokens from your favorite restaurant. I made a trio of round summer sun coasters with my recent Poppy theme in a vibrant orange punch color. These will be posted on Etsy tomorrow.

I’ve got several other works going as well… I’m doing a stencil/modeling paste painting in some gorgeous colors that blend well with each other. This is how it’s looking after the first laying of paints…

I LOVE texture… so this is especially delicious for me. I love orange and pink together and how they blend and create an apricot color. There’s something about taking two colors and making a third on the canvas that really speaks to me so I’m really going to enjoy the process that will be this painting. I’ll share more of this gem tomorrow after I’ve had more play time.

Already… 2sday again! So here’s my latest 2sday’s Toys “Show and Tell.”

They don’t look much like toys do they? Nope… but when I’m done they will certainly be some form of eye candy. I bought these to go with some matching plastic summer stemware I bought about a month ago. They are safe for outside and since my secondary focas has been the garden I couldn’t resist these bowls. What am I going to do with them you ask… I don’t know yet… but I do know that when I do use them they will be a fun and funky focal point for something artsy!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Whispering Wednesday and to share some “sketching” I’ve been doing. HUGS and God Bless!

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