Whispering Wednesday and Doodles Galore

I’ve been mad about flowers lately. I can’t seem to control the urge to draw and paint flowers this summer. So I’m embracing the desire and going as over the top as I can with my new passion. This little doodle is one of my new entries in my art journal. I’ve only made pencil sketches in the journal so far which is really odd for me… but it’s been a relaxing way to wind down after dinner in the evenings.

This is a photo of a sketch book entry that I hope to turn into a painting soon…(once I get the canvas for it.) I Photo-Shopped the color into this and thought it looked fun enough to share with you.

I love the long narrowness of this piece and can’t wait to pick up the canvas for it at Walmart next week. I was inspired by the blank canvases they had that were this shape and I just HAD to doodle up something that would fit into the space! I keep thinking up ideas and can’t keep up with myself.

I sold one of my crosses a while back and was asked if I’d make some earrings to match it… and here’s that finished commission that I’ll be posting on Etsy for my the client. Mixed media will go ANYWHERE!

And I’m working on the “nom nom” painting beneath the earrings. I’m using some pearly paints and I’m going to add some funky edging on the painting and some pearls in the center of the flowers… at least that’s the plan at them moment.

My Whispering Wednesday entry this week is done via photo-journalistic style. I’m giving you a glimpse into my messy desk to day along with a few fun facts about me.

*Especially Lime Sorbet tinted paint water. 😉

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