Psalm Sunday

Psalm 6

I’m really enjoying this series of treasured art pieces. They are small and portable… great for mailing and hold such inspiration and promise to those who read them. I’m not yet putting them up for sale as I have an idea for them once I get further into the book of Psalms. They are theraputic to create and I’m learning more of my Psalms as the series continues.

I have a busy this morning making breakfast and hitting the local Home Depot. We bought new towel racks and such for the bathrooms and as we’re updating as much as possible. I also bought some flowers for the back and an indoor palm tree for the living room that I need to transplant. Not to mention a plethora of other items I bought that I need for projects around the house.

This is going to be short and sweet as Sundays have turned into home improvement days for us… much to my chagrin… I truly think we should be doing these chores on Saturday… but….

That’s it for now.. I’m heading down to dig in the dirt and I’ll share some photo’s tomorrow. =) See you then.. God Bless You and enjoy your Sabbath!

One thought on “Psalm Sunday

  1. – WOW!!NY, I had no idea you had sooo many wonderful talnets!You are a FANTASTIC photographer.You have an eye for subtle details You have a way of catching that *sparkle* in the subject.I really am impressed.The wedding, Shawntae, and Sherree’s pics POP! Great job I look forward to more posts and pictures.God will bless and prosper your venture-you’ve already put your hand to it!Shannon~

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