Angel Work in Progess

Work in Progress

This little sweetheart is going to be a redhead. I’ve been commissioned to paint an angel… her wings are sitting on my desk and will be added after I’ve progressed in the painting process. I’ve done commissions before but this one is a bigger piece so it’s going to be a lot of fun to get creative with. The colors are going to be reds/burgundies/pinks, and greens. I think I’ve already decided on the collage paper for her dress.

I’ll get more messy with this tomorrow as you’ll see … today is working on the face day.

I took some pictures of my studio to share with you. Now that it’s cleaned up… I can start reorganizing things that got shoved to the side during the moving and settling process. I’m also donating some of my old scrapbooking supplies to charity so I have more room for storage. I’m also planning out my wall space for shelves, storage and art! Should be fun!

As you can see… I’m getting there. I think I’d like to put some shelfs around the upper part of the wall to put decorative storage bins on. It would be neater and more efficient than digging through the closet for items I need. While I’m doing this I “should” take an inventory and record where I store what… but that’s a bit over the top. Although it would be relatively easy using a camera and Excel … It might be a worthwhile undertaking. =)  Time will tell. Heh~

Once again it’s Whispering Wednesday… and Hump Day

Here’s a few tasty tidbits.

  • Thanks to being an insomniac I only get about 4 hours of sleep each night.
  • The older I get, the more I see everything through a creative eye.
  • Lately my favorite lunch is 29¢ Cup of Noodles. (Gotta love Winco!)

Over n Out for now… I’ve got a face to paint!

One thought on “Angel Work in Progess

  1. Catching up on blog posts.

    I really love your studio. I love your window. It is just gorgeous. I would love a window like that but I would be worried about my girls jumping out of it. My girls are my cats. They are all very indoor and spoiled.

    I love the cabinet with the pink baskets inside. That is just ingenious.

    Thank you for sharing your room.

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