Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair

I finished this little ditty last night. I used embossed collage paper for her dress and painted over the embossing with colors to go with the flowers in her hair. I also used a lot of glitter glaze on the dots and circles on this painting but my scanner didn’t pick up the yumminess. I’ll post her on Etsy tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I’m getting ready to dash downstairs to make dinner.

The commission is almost done and at the moment it’s drying. I’ll snap a photo for you later and let you see how it’s coming along. I should be done with it tomorrow and be able to get it in the mail on Friday … hopefully!

Whispering Wednesday

  • Dinner tonight is courtesy of Bisquick! (I actually had all the frozen ingredients for this.)
  • I listened to a documentary on Goebbels while painting today. What a creepy guy!
  • I joined this past week… awesome website! Join me.

Time to cook! Catch you on the flip-side of dinner

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