Commission Done!

This is a 9×12″ original painting mounted on a 10×13″ heavy 3/4″ painted wood backboard with a a picture hanger. To get a better close up picture you can see it at Etsy … here. I always get overly stressed when someone orders a painting. I want desperately to meet their needs and they give me free creative license which makes it both easier and harder at the same time. I ask questions about colors, interests, dreams, goals, etc. I just try to get to know a little about the subject of my paintings.

What are your desires, dreams, hopes, beliefs? I’d be honored to express them via my creative energy for you to enjoy on your wall. It’s a tribute to you! What a wonderful gift to give yourself or have a loved one give to you. I’d love to encourage you to follow suit. I do ALL sizes and price ranges of original art for clients and I would be honored to put your story onto a painted surface for you and your family.

I’m working on a second commission which I’ll reveal to you tomorrow. =) Come back soon!

One thought on “Commission Done!

  1. she is so pretty! I should commission an angel for enzo’s room to look over him in his bed!
    Why are you depressed? write to me…And smile ther is a lil boy over here that loves his dolphin painting!!!

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