Shacked up with Love

Here’s today’s progress with my Love Shack painting. I got pretty far today considering that I was feeling rather sluggish. I need to adjust my meds me thinks. I’ll work on that tonight.  I have a lot of delicious layers here. I started with a strip of cheerful wrapping paper near the bottom 1/3 of the painting.  I also tore two hearts from the same paper and mod podged them to the top right. Then the second layer… crumpled up tissue paper. This not only helps tone down the glaringly obvious gloss look of the wrapping paper but it helps to mute the colors and gives it more of a background effect. Easy Peasy! You must try. =)  Then the house. I traced the canvas size into my sketch book then did a bit of “layout” work to adjust the size and placement of the house. I liked the house so much I used tracing paper and cut it out and then traced over my cutout onto the collage paper. I picked a muted yellow so I could bring up the colors as desired. I also stamped the flowers and leaf images onto the house.

The roof is also collage paper cut into a fun design and sponged on the edges with black waterproof rubber stamping ink. The trick part is gluing it back together to look right. (I did this by gluing it to the tracing paper before gluing onto the canvas. Wa-la!)

The flowers are from a paperback novel that I glued, painting with gesso, then added the colors. I used an eraser tip to stamp the black dot in the centers and then used a painting tool to add the yellow middles.

Here’s a few close ups of several corners of the painting… It’s not done yet I want to add some more hearts and a few more things but it’s much closer to where I want it to be. I’ll sleep on it and I’m sure the rest will come to later.

It’s Whispering Wednesday … so shhh! If you listen very closely you’ll hear something!

  • I’ve been collecting acorns that have been falling from the tree in the front yard… I have no idea why!
  • I’m reading about Himmler at the moment … talk about a spooky dude!
  • My hubs bought me the game Sims Medieval… fun stuff. Very interesting game. Check it out

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