This set called “Seasons” was quite a fun little project. Each painting is measures only 3×3″ so they are perfect for grouping in a small space or propping on shelves and even for easel display.

They can also be displayed separately, the green in the spring and the red in the fall. Use your imagination. I’ll have them posted on Etsy next week after I take some time to write up the descriptions for works I need to post.

We went to our first Home Owners Association meeting last night. Over two hours of discussing everything from parking to trees and a few odd subjects inbetween. I ended up signing up for the “special projects” committee. I’ll be helping out with a project that my next door neighbor has in mind to help out the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to see how it progresses. I’ll keep ya posted!

Until tomorrow… I’m tired today =) and I still have plenty to do!  Peace ~~~ Out! 

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