I couldn’t resist! I always think of Halloween when the smell of autumn tickles my nose. It’s a definite change. You can feel in on your skin, smell it in the air and feel it in your heart. It a warm feeling amidst the new chill that hits the air… and I LOVE it. It makes me think of the safety of home. Warm cocoa, nights in pajamas watching TV, family, dessert after dinner, the warm feeling that I’m safe. It very could be the way I grew up…nevertheless, this is how I feel at the first rush of autumn air.

This ATC is done layers a small corner of decorative napkin and building on top of it with the painted owl and embellishments. Admitidly I likely spent way to much time on this ATC but it was really a fun and involved process… and the results are well worth it. I’ll be posting this little treasure on Etsy on Friday when I post a few more I’ve completed.

Since we’re on the subject of birds… I can’t help but give you a shot from my backyard window at the bird feeder. It’s been packed lately 4 deep each time I take a gander! (birds… goose… gander… see what I did there!?)

This is as about as focused as I can get using partial zoom with my little portable pocket cam.

This is what I’m talking bout! NOM NOM!

Whispering Wednesday – Yay!

  • I harvested my very first homegrown potatoes yesterday
  • I’m cooking them tonight with sausages
  • I’ve taken an interest in houseplants again and will share my mini indoor garden soon.
  • I’ve picked out my birthday present… tune it Friday for a look-see.

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