This is my fifth in the Autumn Owl series of ACEOs that I’ll be listing on Etsy tomorrow. Next I think I’ll play with a larger owl painting that’s been brewing in my head. I’m also finishing up this….

The painting under the owl is coming along nicely. It’s now pinks, reds and black… and white. I have more to do on it today but also need to hit the grocery today so I have limited time today. I’m also working on a series of small paintings that I plan to make prints for for Christmas postcards and such. Something to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I “should” have done this in July but it seems I’m always behind schedule.

My desk is a Hazmat zone right now so I have to run and suit up so I can get it cleaned up before heading out for my weekly shopping trip.

See you back here tomorrow for more mayhem and madness!

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