Thursdays Thoughts

More Christmas! You betcha! Deck the hall with boughs of holly and trim out the tree. This is the first year I’ll have a tree bigger than one foot tall. Although I WILL have my mini tree in my studio decorated with pinks and greens and purples and turquoise… oh yeah! Now we’re talkin!

I’ll even be playing Christmas music while I’m making Christmas gifts… and I have the PERFECT idea in mind for my nieces this year. I’ll need to get started soon though. =) Things like this take time ya know.

Late yesterday afternoon I started the Halloween painting I mentioned… Here’s the work in progress as it sits on my desk right now…

Yep… except without the skulls… Those I Photoshopped in for kicks. I love fun Photoshop brushes. They make photo’s so much more fun to customize.

Today’s grocery shopping is done and I have a bit more of the afternoon free before I have to start dinner… which will be French Dip Sammies. (One of my all-time faves!) A big hit with the family!

I’m enjoying one of my new favorite treats… It’s ice cubes crushed in the blender with chocolate milk and extra choco syrup added… whipped into a frenzy… poored into a glass… garnished with what else other than another drizzle of choco syrup and then add a dollop of frozen cool whip! Oh yeah… brain freeze worth the pain!  A bit of a guilty pleasure but if I have it for lunch I consider that gee… half is actually WATER anyway! (Great logic no?) NOM!  I highly recommend one…. or more. They medicate a sorrowful mood as well.

Well kiddos I’m outta here for now. In getting in the spirit of the zombies on Wall Street I have housework to protest! I’ll be back tomorrow to share more art. (After vacuuming…/sigh!)

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