On the way to Halloween


I made this painting for my mom for her birthday. She has an early October birthday and this isn’t the only time I’ve given her something spooky for her day. This turned out awesomely. In person it’s vibrant, the textures and prominent and the softness of her face really stands out. I tried something new on this one. I usually do the faces directly onto the wood but this time I gave it a base coat of paint. The colors blended extremely well this way and it actually eliminated the amount of work I needed to do at the end of the face shading process… plus it gave her a sweet look.

I have four more this size that I’m currently working on in a Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall series and I did the faces the same way on them. I’ll share them when I get back. I’m going out of town for a few days for a visit with my parent. Since I’m in the process of getting ready now I thought I’d do my Tuesday’s Toys post as early as possible.

Here’s this weeks show and tell!

Aren’t they just the sweetest for your feetest! There ya go sugar toes! See you in a few days with new Nom Nom to share. Have an awe-filled week!

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