Tuesday’s Toys

Winter, Spring, Summer and …

Here’s the first in the series of the four seasons that I’m painting over the next couple of weeks. I finished the final touches on this one this morning and started on winter. Yep! It’s cold! Time for baked squash and roasts, not to mention hot spiced cider. Comfort food to keep your tummy warm after coming in from raking the autumn leaves. Total gorgeousness of color!

Keeping with today’s Fall theme I want so share a picture of my mom’s Sumac tree. They are absolutely a burst of color in the fall and a lust shady green in the summer. They grow like mad though and would soon consume my back yard so I have to pass sadly.

No one paints like God! And all we have to do is enjoy it.

It’s Tuesdays Toys again and instead of sharing a toy… (I won’t drop the last shoe till next week.) I’m sharing something I saw this morning that tickled my funny bone. I hope you get the same chuckle I got from it.

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