Pretty Pink Paper Purse

My recycling projects are still in full swing. I tinker with them between other projects. I try not to let too many paintings and such stack up before completing them. I don’t want to bury myself in undone do-dads.

This is made from two toilet paper rolls that I flattened and adhered together. I used a pretty paper napkin to decoupage it adding painted painters tape to the sides and glitter paints for accents. I topped it with a 3D flower embellishment with collaged leaves. To finish the top I used fun fur yarn around the upper lip and poke a hole in each side to string colored wire through for a handle. It’s great for collecting lots of things either hung from a peg or a nail. It’s a mini catch-all or super girlie pencil holder for your locker. The possibilities are endless.

Kinda cute huh!? And sparkles too!

Part of the inspiration for this is from one of my mom’s gorgeous flowers… What a couple of glorious blossoms.

Bet then again… if you know me… you know how I feel about PINK!

My whispers for today’s edition of Whispering Wednesdays are…

  • This morning I taught myself how to made PDFs for the first time! /Flex!
  • I found a new blog here…. Read NeiNei she’s a true inspiration.
  • I’ve got some serious pain in my neck and back that has been getting worse by the weeks and now months… Dr’s appointment on Friday.

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