Second in my Seasons Series. Simply titled… “Winter.” The cool of the blue and the dark of the black contrasting with the white pretty much encompasses the ice, snow, and loss of daylight of the season. I added stars instead of snowflakes to emphasize the dark and cold starry nights with shimmer with snow crystals on the ground. Winter is a gorgeous season in odd ways. The lack of life adds a stillness that prepares you for the new season to come. Such is life. We all go through such seasons in our lives when things change and turn and twist and finally renew. I’m in the bit of a winter right now… I’m ahead of the calender this year but I feel confident that come spring I’ll be bursting with new freshens and growth.

It’s time to download a few books I’ve really been wanting to read onto my Kindle. The first being The Christmas Sweater. The sequel to this book is coming out next week. It’s called The Christmas Angel and I’m very excited about reading them both. I need a kindle partner… so I can share books and have someone share with me. I guess I’ll hit Google to see how to find one. No one I know has a kindle that doesn’t have a partner. Twice the books… half the price. I’ve finished reading Killing Lincoln. Excellent read. Now I’m reading a free Kindle book about Lincoln… very informative and telling about that period of time in history.

In keeping with sharing my photography I indulged in at my moms last week I’m including this picture to depict winter.

The Chives are spent for the season and will be totally gone on the first frost… I found something intriguing about this capture and love the speck of life among this death. Always remember there IS hope!

See you tomorrow my friends… and God Bless You!

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