Don’t be Cross

This is what I wanted to share today. This is my mom’s rosary collection. (or at least part of it.) Being raised Catholic I can appreciate her love for these meaningful prayer beads … as you’ve seen in photos of mine before I have a small collection myself…and some are still in storage. I love how she’s displayed them in her bedroom with delicate scarves framing them from behind.

She also has a collection of tiny crosses that are from necklaces and rosaries and objects long ago broken. Most of her rosaries and crosses she’s picked up at flea markets, antique shops both local and from travels to relatives scatter around the country. It’s fun to listen to the stories of where each one was discovered and what state she found them in.

I’m busy working on some art today but needed a break to shop and to clean house. We have a birthday boy celebrating his big day tomorrow and I’ve been wrapping presents are the UPS has been delivering them… one at a time! The last one just showed up… got wrapped and is ready. I made a tiramisu for his birthday and it’s chilling in the fridge for tomorrow. The cheese is setting back up so it won’t be too squishy. I hunted high and low for ladyfingers but had to finally settle on biscotti. We thought it would work just fine. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Until then… Have a great pre-Friday and take time to smell the autumn air… it’s crispy and full of promise.

Over and out till tomorrow my mateys~

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