Dare to be Different

I dare to be different… just ask those who know me!

I dug out my journal for some playtime and had a great time with some brand new collage papers my mom bought me along with pastel pencils. Oooo-la-la! What fun. It’s going to be fun to fill this journal. I think my next entry is going to be bursting with fall colors….. and here’s why…

This is the view from my studio window. The Oak tree across the street is the first to turn this fall… it’s framed by green so it really stands out and says… “Look at me!” It really is quite vibrant, especially in the sun.  I’m playing in Photoshop today trying to convert some of my scanned paintings into ACEOs for selling. The program is giving me a rough time so I thought I’d break and drop in here to chat it up a bit.

Halloween was a huge success. We had 48 trick-or-treaters. That’s a record high for me. I didn’t get any before moving here and I was very well prepared. I bought four bags of candy… there are a few fun sized bags of M & Ms left for household tricksters. There were some really cute customs and kiddos. One that sticks out was a tiny little boy dressed as a fireman. He was no bigger than a minute and uber shy! We had a baby in a stroller who slept through the whole thing while his proud parents took him around on his first Hallows Eve. The funniest was a group of three boys around the age of 12 they were dressed identically as Urkel and they acted the part. Super funny.

It’s Tuesday again and time for my show and tell. Here’s this weeks toy.

The bears name is Bartholomew he was given to me by my mom after I destroyed the bear given to me by icky bad evil ex-boyfriend. I needed a fresh start and Barty here smells like potpourri so he’s far from icky. I decked him out in some rain gear for the fall season. If you know Washington state – you know how much rain we get here… Barty will be safe from the weather this winter…and he’s looking very stylish while doing so!

Until tomorrow. Stay high and dry!

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