Happy Tuesday

Happy 2sday. I’m a bit unhappy today. Scribefire, the tool I use for making posts on my blog had an update and I can’t figure out how the poop to use it. I HATE updates like this. It says they have redesigned it to make it simpler. NOT. Get real peeps. You did it simply to ruin my day. So I’m blogging from the back door of my WordPress account which is as slow as dial up. (Sorry for the small font size… I can’t figure out how to change it with this bucket of bolts setup.)

Needless to say… because of these frustrations today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet until I can either undo the update or stab my way through it.

My show and tell for today is a harvest! Perfect for the time of year.  This was part of a birthday present many, many moons ago. Each veggie was individual wrapped and packaged in this adorable basket. This is a very detailed bounty and each gem is a work of art… and healthy “candy” for the eye!

I hope to be back tomorrow with a functional tool to blog with. Until then… eat  your veggies!

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