Color Blocking

I saw some Valentines done just like this with reds in Create With Me magazine and thought I’d give it a whirl in my journal. Very fun. I think if I did this with texture on a canvas it would make a great painting to hang for a burst of color.  As always I get tons of ideas and not enough time to bring them to fruition. I am however making a bit of progress on my “house” painting. Here’s what it looks like right now.

I think the background it getting much closer to being done. I’ll work on it more again tomorrow. It’s almost time for me to head downstairs and tackle the kitchen… and dinner. Think sausage and chicken… prolly pasta!

I’ve been devouring lots of books on my Kindle. I just finished one called Invisible and I’m starting a new one called My Boyfriends Back. I’m loving the free books and short stories. I have an endless supply of reading material at my fingertips! If you don’t have a Kindle… I highly recommend one.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some completed upcycled Spam cans to share along with my journal junk. Drop by and have some coffee with me. Till later!

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