Made to Order

I got an order for some up-cycled Spam cans like I had made for myself… matching. They will have hangers on the back to hang on the bathroom wall for toothpaste, Q-tips, hairbrush, and what-nots. I reused everything from nail polish to romance novels on these… along with bling from the the scrap-booking isle of Walmart.  Save your garbage! I’ve been saving my used up food packaging for several other projects I have in mind that I’ll share when I have enough “junk” to complete them.

This was fun. I used leftover scraps from making my Occupy college and layered white paper napkins over the top. Then I used lids and corks to “stamp” circles. I then took a black chalk pencil and lightly outlined the stamped circles and smudged them up good with my fingers. I added the “watch me Grow” rub on and called it good. Easy peasy and pretty too!  Art journal entries don’t have to be complicated… they just have too look like they are! Hee.

Drop by tomorrow… My house painting is almost done… I think it might be ready for show and tell tomorrow!

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