Eat, Pray, Love

Having fun with houses! This is actually a canvas frame I’ve had in a craft drawer for-  nearly… -ever! I slapped my favorite shabby chic text pages on and started painting and adding bling and other various nom nom. The tissue paper flowers are handmade from crepe paper and accented with leaves from Recollections. I treated myself a few weekends ago to some Michaels lovin. I received a gift card from Christmas that I cashed in on a few of these wonderful floral embellishments. They are super yummy!

I’m going to be posting all of these treasures on Etsy soon. I’ve too busy today creating spoons. Yep! I thought I’d stir things up a bit this year and expand my creative juices to whatever caught my fancy. I’ll share a bite full as soon as thing are all cooked up! Can’t have any half-baked ideas hitting the net just yet. =)

Today is buying new sofa day… so I need to head out of here and clean up a bit before it’s time for shopping. I’ll tell you more about that later… You just gotta LOVE interior decorating!

Ta-Ta for now!

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