You Have To Break A Few Eggs…

Here’s what’s left of the eggs I dyed for Easter. The wonderful intensity of the colors was too good to pass up. I just had to save them for using in my art. I’ll share once I’ve used some. Right now however, I’m working on finishing up the paintings I’m creating for the living room. ‘Almost’ done!  I have a few things to finish up on them and then I have the edges of the canvases to deal with …

This weekend my Dad went into the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia, A-fib, and somethings wrong with his blood sugar. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. He is a very much loved man and a pillar to his family and friends. He may be transfered today to a bigger hospital here in town… I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve some other things to share as well, but I don’t have the pictures yet so I’ll share those this week. I’m off to say my prayers and work on my paintings.

God Bless!

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