The Comfort Zone


And now…

I’ve been busy as you can see. Here’s the before and after of the living room with our new sofa and the painted wall along with my finished art. We’ve living hear for about 11 months now and we are finally getting around to getting the things we want done rather than the things we need. We also hung our TV and bought a new book case…

This is taken from the kitchen. I’m going to cover the books in the bookcase with matching covers and move things around a bit until I’m satisfied. I’ll put the seashells away once I get more garden related items to replace them with… at least for now. I’ll showcase a few of the newer decorating goodies I’m using as I go. I’m also going to put some shears on the windows soon too! I’m excited about that.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at the paintings I made… I love the blues and greens together. They are cooling and healing. I’m presently working on … this …

I have several ideas for this canvas… I’ll give you another peek at my progress tomorrow.

Tata for now… Time to pull some pork for dinner.

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