Journal Jazz

While assembling our new shelves I snagged the stickers off the pieces we put together and slapped them in my art journal. It’s a little reminder of our time spent together and of how good God has been to us. I doodled little circles to fill the page, added punched leaves and retro words of thanks and blessings.

Rather a therapeutic process. And a great way to fill a journal page with a fun memory.

I’m almost done with the painting I started earlier this week I just did some gluing on it so I can’t move it to photograph it just yet. I’ll share it tomorrow instead.

Yard work is on our agenda for this weekend and we are rather excited about it. I weeded the entire perimeter of the yard/flowerbed last spring/summer and planted lots of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds… after a very harsh winter and having our fence fall onto the flowerbed during a windstorm I lost a lot of my progress. Not to mention that weeds decided to take over in abandon! I was barking mad… literally! We are barking the beds and replanting the lost flowers. It’s going to be a gorgeous summer outback. Photos to come.

Have an awesome TGIF and a great weekend. And be sure and share your creations with me. I love to see what everyones making!

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