Pastel Paris

I have a bit of a fascination with the Eiffel Tower… I don’t know why I just like it. Probably because it screams…”I’m artistic!” A while back I bought some chipboard Eiffel Towers from Etsy and while playing with a 5″x7″ canvas I came up with this collage. Again I used decorative napkins to layer color and texture. I used pink paint on the first one, let it dry, then added a second layer with blue paint. I did the separate layer to avoid getting purple. There’s nothing wrong with purple mind you… I was just focusing on blues and pinks here.  I used a text page on top of the chipboard and then sponged on some watered down blue paint. I used a small sponge to edge the chipboard with black rubber stamp ink.

I layered a pink and blue feather behind the tower and secured them with hot glue. I topped the Tower off with some fringe bling and a rhinestone on top.

Adding vintage looking letters to spell out Paris I finished off this shabby chic canvas. Easy peasy and fun. I especially loved using up the extra fringe I had from making the wooden T-shirt below. Waste not, want not!
Have an awesome Monday… I’m playing again in my studio and I’ll share when my canvas actually looks like something!

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