While I Wait…

While I wait for the charms that I ordered from Etsy to arrive for my Picket Fence piece I’m playing with Martha’s crackle medium. I’m dressing up a wooden block I have with pots and plants as a small accent piece. Recycling junk and old art supplies and adding a twist. It’s really quite fun to finally use up stuff I’ve had in my craft drawers for …well… years!  It also helps me experiment and try new techniques. Two birds w/one stone so to speak.

My mom gave me this mosaic glass and tinkered around a bit with it today and I’m about ready to start a project with it. I’m not really to start throwing plates in the kitchen around yet but this blue is really yummy…and the green is going to go great in my living room. I’ll keep you posted … until tomorrow. I’m off to make a dill/yogurt sauce for tonight fish dinner… NOM NOM!

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