Artist “Block”

Wooden blocks in all shapes and sizes always inspire and challenge me. I like the take the everyday objects and try to put them together with something and come up with the unexpected. I’ve done wooden shape animals in the past and came up quiet a menagerie of whimsical and mythical creatures. I have another idea for these game blocks but I’m still …piecing that together in my mind… so to speak.

Here’s a peek at my key chain blocks. I’m almost ready to varnish and start ripping fabric and cutting yarns and ribbons for the tassels. I got sidetracked the past few days trying to identify a mystery bird.

It’s a tad bit fuzzy but I did manage to identify this colorful visitor. Can anyone guess what this is? I’m 99% sure we’ve got ourselves a Red Crossbill. 

Now that I’ve solved that mystery… it’s time to get back to my art!

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