Moonshine… and more!

As part of a challenge I did a whimsical art journal entry of the sun and moon… and named it Moonshine. Just another way to have fun and practice doodles and relax. I used a collage paper and drew over the top, painting a few coats with yellow paint and then topped it with pastels in oranges and reds. I outlined the sun and moon with black pastel pencil and using a Q-tip, shaded it in. There is more I could do and likely will over time… but I have about 6 journal pages going at the moment plus the goodies on my desk… looky!

Art doll collage… one of a series I’m working on now that incorporate the bamboo beaded dolls I made before visiting my parents a few weeks back. Now I’m digging around for USA memorabilia to add to this patriotic piece. I know this series is going to be great fun for me and teach me more about composition along the way. Check back often to see how I’m coming along. =)

I picked these wooden critters up at Walmart in the craft department when I went to buy canvases and decided they would look cute and colorful painted up whimsically for the backyard fence. Once I get these fence friends painted and hung I’ll share the picks with you.

It’s time to get my hands dirty again… I’m off to paint again! YAY!

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