After playing with this layout for a few days and getting nowhere… I finally got an idea and am ready to move forward. After making fabric flowers and a few other goodies that I fully intended to use on this piece… I’m storing them away and going with a different route. I’m happy with my decision and should have this painting/collage done by the weeks end. I’m not sure if I was combatting artist block or if this painting was just being rebellious until it got what it wanted.  I’d like to think the latter.

I’m looking into these… This whole losing weight thing as inspired the girly-girl inside me. Someone who’s been hibernating for the past 8+ years in a cocoon. I’m no longer using alligator clips to pull my disheveled hair up onto the top of my head… I’m actually flat ironing it each day and trying my best to look like me again. The clouds are lifting… get your sunglasses peeps… I’m gonna shine bright! =)

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