Chips ahoy


I mucked up my manicure yesterday so I’m having to redo it. I thought I’d take a before picture with just a clear base on. But first I have to make a grocery list and then hit the store. It’s more than likely I won’t get my manicure done till later tonight or tomorrow. I will share though.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally got an appointment with a Rheumatologist for January 30. Now the wait begins. And lots of prayer for the doctor.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading to keep my mind off my health issues and I just finished The Home last night by Scott Nicholson it’s my first read by Scott and I’m looking into reading a few more of his thrillers… That is after I finish a novella by Suzy Turner titled Daisy Madigan’s Paradise. You gotta love the kindle store… so many free and inexpensive books!

See you tomorrow with a splash of color on the tips of me fingers!

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