Something to make me feel better


I’ve gone from young to chic. I needed the change and I needed something to care about… and to make me feel better and a bit pampered. I’m undiagnosed and struggling daily to make it from morning till night. I’m often interrupted with a nap… something I really don’t want to do but feel the need for. My next doctor’s appointment is Wednesday of next week. One can pray for an answer which I’m doing.

I went with black and white for the bedding so that I can add and/or subtract any color at any time. My theme is French Shabby Chic. I’ll have some close ups of goodies soon.

The quilt is cotton and crocheted squares and I adore it. It very comfortable for cuddling and reading under. Ooo la la!

I’m going to be pulling out some canvases and start some drawing and painting ideas to cover my far wall with. So at least I’m thinking about art. I’ll post ideas soon so you can get a feel for what I’m hoping to create with this space.

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